Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another snowy Sunday

This is a rare sighting these last few weeks - Rev in the snow.
Sigh - not for long though.  Hard to believe this dog was born in Canada and has littermates that pull dog sleds!
Instead, I get this - pathetic!  Looks like he's about to be beaten.
Yeah fine - go on back in.  I have other heartier dogs I can photograph.
Like how about some good old fashioned snow soccer!

Hey!  What happened to my face?!
Yeah that's better - how about throwing this thing?!

Oh wait - I think I see something better!

Hee hee!!  It's snowflakes!  I gotsa eat lots of them!!
Oh they're getting away!!
I gotsa use my teefies on them or they'll escape!
Don't believe me?  Check these chompers out!
Um, yeah.  He's just whacked.
I agree
And am I a cute doggie or what?!
Snow gazelle!!

Eleven and a half years young and looking not a day over three!
Such a lovely girl.
Checking out the neighbors and their snowblower.  My aching back is testament to the fact that they've never seen one in our yard!
Maybe I'll be able to put some sunny, green pictures up here someday - seems like a looonnggg way away!


  1. Yeah, Lacy agrees with Rev for the most part. Much better indoors! Someday the green will coem, though it is fun playing with the doggers in the fresh fluffy snow . . . just not the hard chunky icy stuff it becomes!