Monday, December 22, 2008

The Ghosts of Christmas Cards Past

So I thought it would be fun to put together all of the Christmas cards the dogs have suffered through over the years.  This is the earliest one I put together - probably 2001 right before I got Psyche.  The fact that I chose this one with Haley not looking at the camera means it was probably the only shot that Montana chose to be in!

Ah, 2002.  Looks spectacular doesn't it?  Alas, it is Photoshopped.  I thought I did a pretty good job though!  I like young Psyche's still pink nose in this one.
Sorry this is so small.  I think clicking on the picture will bring it up a little larger in another window.  I like this one - you can hardly tell that I Photoshopped Montana into the picture.  Any time he sees the camera and me trying to round up the dogs, he runs off.  I think this is 2003.
2004 - I must have been short on time and patience and Montana didn't make the cut! 
2005 - find some cute hats, slap them on some sort of willing dogs, finds some fresh snow and voila!  Instant holiday classic!
2006 - must have been a snowless year.  I am proud to say that no dogs were Photoshopped in the making of this card!
2007 - the snow is back (little did I know it was back with a vengeance).  I enlisted some help this time and managed to even include myself.  Notice Montana's ears.  Not too happy with this kind of attention, I assure you!
2008 - am I getting good at this or what?  Putting on the gloves was the hardest part, short of keeping the hats on, but we pulled it off.  What?  You're not buying it?  Oh alright!  I cheated and put up their "Elf Yourself" picture.  But really - how could I resist?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Psyche is in his snow glory.  You would never know that this dog is 7 years old.  He's acting like a 6 month old puppy seeing snow for the first time.

The aerobie was okay.  I only used it at first because it couldn't get lost like a tennis ball or a regular frisbee.  But the jolly ball - now that was a winnah!!
Gimme, gimme more snow please!!!
Haley, 11 years young and still enjoying the snow.
Keeper, 9 years young and still enjoying the snow - kind of!
Really, could you just throw it already?  Quit it with the camera woman!
I said enough already!
Psyche is a dork, we need to be inside now!
Ha!  We're not going out at all!  Even if you put a coat on me!
He's still out there - what a doofus!
Who me?  Wha...????
Where dogs get to stay after their snowy romps
Good off season use of weavepoles, don'tcha think?