Sunday, December 21, 2008

Psyche is in his snow glory.  You would never know that this dog is 7 years old.  He's acting like a 6 month old puppy seeing snow for the first time.

The aerobie was okay.  I only used it at first because it couldn't get lost like a tennis ball or a regular frisbee.  But the jolly ball - now that was a winnah!!
Gimme, gimme more snow please!!!
Haley, 11 years young and still enjoying the snow.
Keeper, 9 years young and still enjoying the snow - kind of!
Really, could you just throw it already?  Quit it with the camera woman!
I said enough already!
Psyche is a dork, we need to be inside now!
Ha!  We're not going out at all!  Even if you put a coat on me!
He's still out there - what a doofus!
Who me?  Wha...????
Where dogs get to stay after their snowy romps
Good off season use of weavepoles, don'tcha think?


  1. Great shots! Hey doggie guys, tell your mom to get you one of the giant jolly balls to play with! They are the best!:-) Petra

  2. So cute! I remember the early years when Haley was an only child...hard to believe how her canine family has grown over the years!